Work in Removals

Get Paid to Get Fit

Why pay for a gym membership this summer when you can get paid to get fit?

Physical Activity

Working in removals is a physical job, heavy lifting,  building your muscles, improving your fitness and endurance.

Health and Financial Objectives

A job in removals provides a set and consistent workout routine that you are paid to complete. So, you save money on a gym or trainer whilst still achieving health goals.

Flexible Schedule

Looking for a casual summer job between university or other commitments? Or are you looking for a rewarding long-term career? A job in removals offers both.

Casual Summer Job

Summer is the busy period for removals, so it is perfect to pick up in between studies and other commitents.

Part-Time Work

A job in removals offers freedom and flexibility to work around set commitments.

A Career in Removals 

Removals are an essential service, providing you with a reliable career.

BAR & AFRA Exchange Program

The British Association of Remover (BAR) and Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) are both industry bodies for the removals industry in their respective countries. In collaboration, we have created an exchange program for removalists to work in Australia and the UK.

Work while you travel

Work and get paid whilst you explore the UK and Australia.

Chase the summer

Summer is the peak season of the removals industry, so you can soak up the sun in the UK from June to August, and then continue working in the Australian summer from December to February.