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Diversifying the Industry – Women in Removals

Removals. It’s not just an industry for burly blokes.

Over the years many have come to view removals as the last bastion of singlet wearing muscly men. But an increasing number of women are enjoying the challenges and rewards a career in removals can offer.

19 year old Kat from the Sunshine Coast says removals has enabled her to work on a range of skills, including social interaction, paperwork, physically lifting and organization. “Every day presents a new challenge” says the pocket sized Kat, “I love not just showing the boys I can do it but proving it to myself”.

Kat has been working in removals for more than a year, and encourages other women to “give it a crack”.

“It’s not just about being strong. The rest of the team have been really helpful. You get taught how to lift things correctly, and not strain your body… and we have the use of tools like trolleys.”

Despite a little initial hesitation from some work mates when she first took up the role, Kat says the team all work together to help each other. “I’ve made some great mates doing this job”, says Kat.

And how do clients feel about having a female removalist? “Some clients are really surprised to see a woman rock up” says Kat, “but there is so much more to moving than just lifting. Packing, wrapping, organising and paperwork.” Kat’s boss Corey says far from being negative, most clients give great feedback and think it’s great to see “a woman giving it a go”.

The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) recently released a series of promotional videos highlighting the wide range of career opportunities available in the removals industry. “The removals industry is so much bigger and diverse than lifting furniture” says Simone Hill, Executive Director of AFRA. “As an industry we offer a broad range of employment opportunities – yes there is wrapping and packing, and physically lifting and moving furniture, but also bookkeeping, truck driving, warehouse management, forklift driving, HR and beyond. With opportunities to work across Australia and internationally, or even to start your own business, a career in removals has until now been a well-kept secret”.

Not anymore. If you’re interested in a fulfilling career in removals, contact an AFRA member today www.afra.com.au

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