From Backpacking to Estimating: A Career Journey in Removals

Sean Mayock got his first glimpse of the removals industry back in 1994, whilst completing a degree in politics and geography in England, with the plan to be a journalist. He got a call from a friend in the USA to take a summer job in removals over there. Sean has remained in the industry ever since. He worked in removals during American summers whilst getting to explore the country. He went back and forth between England and the USA for a few years working and site seeing.

In 1997, Sean was backpacking in Sydney when he saw a truck labelled with “Two Men and a Truck”. Wanting some extra money for his travels, he called the company asking for a job. That marks the beginning of his career at Two Men and a Truck. He has remained loyal to Two Men and a Truck, now having 30 years experience in the removals industry. Sean is the perfect example of the opportunity to progress in the removals industry. Beginning as an offsider, Sean became a driver, to team leader, then sub-contractor with his own trucks, to operations manager. He is now in sales and is the head estimator at Two Men and a Truck.

Working in removals has enabled Sean to explore the world while he works. He has travelled of America, the UK, and Australia through his work. The various aspects of removals has broadened and developed Sean’s skillset. From personal skills through interacting with crew members, management, and clients, to business skills of estimating and admin. That is in addition to the physical skills required in removals, and operating machinery such as heavy vehicles.

Sean states he never thought that he would have stayed in the removals industry. However, he found himself thriving in the removals industry, so it only made sense to make it his career.

Being with Two Men and a Truck for over 20 years, Sean has seen the family business that began in a backyard caravan, now grow into a company with 47 trucks completing 10,000 moves each year. With a good company culture, coping through the hardships of the pandemic, Sean has had a front row seat to see the various phases the business and industry has gone through.

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